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The Path of Meditation Level Two

This Path of Meditation Level II home practice support program follows the time-honored tradition of the great Mahāmudrā masters of the past,...



Preferences, Habit, Practice

Preferences dominate our thinking most of the time whether we consciously note them or not.  We carry them into our meditation practice....



Purposeful Teachings

Purposeful Teachings Address Needs Every one of the Buddha’s teachings has a purpose–each one suits the needs of a particular person. When...


Radically Happy

The Dignity of Present-Moment Awareness

By Erric Solomon In 1952, Norman Vincent Peale’s prototypical self-help book, The...



Five Fundamental Precepts

Five Fundamental Precepts Establish a Basis for Ethical Behavior The Buddha taught...




Supplication: The Real Meaning Supplication is a key element of Tibetan Buddhist...



Defining “Dharma”: Method and Wisdom

We have a lot of negative emotions, don't we? And traditionally, Buddhist...

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Samye is more than just online Dharma teachings, we also have a global network of local groups & Dharma centers. Find out more about our community activities & groups.

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Cultivating Kindness and Managing the Mind with Tools from the Buddha’s Wisdom Traditions

Samye Institute presents on-line and live teachings, instruction, and events derived from authentic Buddhist wisdom traditions. On this on-line platform, individuals seeking answers as to how to live a meaningful life can explore how to work with their minds. Additionally, Buddhist practitioners, both newer and long-term students, will find resources here to support their study, reflection, and meditation. Here you may find teachings on working with the emotions and the mind, introduction to meditation, training in compassion, Mahāmudrā meditation, and special practices unique to our tradition. Our aspiration is to offer tools and training to enable practitioners of all levels to practice authentically and confidently.

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Guru Rinpoche Day Teachings

Phakchok Rinpoche sends out short inspiring teachings to all students via email on every Guru Rinpoche day. Rinpoche often uses these teachings to answer frequently asked questions. Also, he suggests topics that remind us to bring our minds home in the midst of our busy lives.

Weekly Reflections

“Since all entities are impermanent, cultivate well the notion that is free of attachment to anything at all. “

The Noble Wisdom of Passing Sūtra, a Mahāyāna Sūtra, (pakpa daka yeshe shyé jawa tekpa chenpö do, Āryâtyaya-jñāna-nāma-mahāyāna-sūtra)

Translated by: Lhasey Lotsawa