Radically Loving: Transcending Anxiety and Stress

This 3-day (Aug 14th-16th, 2020) online practice retreat led by Erric Solomon will be a mix of teaching and experiential exercises based on Radically Happy: A User’s Guide to the Mind, which Erric co-wrote with Phakchok Rinpoche.

When asked about the retreat, Erric explained:

“By learning how to care for ourselves, as we learn to care for others, a profound joy arises —through cultivating loving-kindness, compassion and empathy. First we need to base our endeavor on a healthy sense of self, free from anxiety and self-denigration. Next, our actions are informed by the interconnected nature of reality. In this way, we meet the dynamic, intensity of daily life head-on and heart-open.”

Erric Solomon
Erric Solomon

Erric will teach and lead experiential exercises twice a day from 9:30-11am EDT (21.30 Singapore, 20.30 Bangkok, 15.30 Berlin) and again from 12:30-2pm EDT (0.30 Singapore, 23.30 Bangkok, 18.30 Berlin) via Zoom Webinar.  Each session and each day of the retreat will build upon the earlier material, and we will make recordings of the previous day’s teachings available in associated Samye forum as quickly as possible so that participants from all over the world, and diverse timezones, will have the opportunity to catch up with any teachings or exercises they missed before the next day’s sessions.  

Please join us for this very special event!

You can check program times in your specific location by clicking here.

For this retreat, it is recommended (but not required) that you obtain a copy of Radically Happy. It can be purchased in physical, ebook, and audiobook formats from Amazon and Shambhala Publications.

Registrations are now closed

If you would like access to the recorded sessions, you can join the Radically Loving forum by clicking here.

This was a donation-based retreat so if you’re planning to access the recordings through the forum and did not participate in the live retreat, please consider donating here.

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