Request Bardo Prayers for the Deceased

In response to many requests made by students over the years, with the guidance of Phakchok Rinpoche, Samye Institute has now launched this opportunity to request key prayers and practices for the deceased.

During the 49-day (or 7-week) period, the end of every week is very important. On these days, one should accumulate butter lamp offerings and dedicate the merit to benefit the loved one for their journey through the bardos, for their purification of bad karma, and for helping them accumulate merit toward a good rebirth. Furthermore, it is very beneficial to have certain pujas done for the deceased during this challenging transition.

Samye offers three 49-day options for the deceased, which we have labeled as the concise, the standard, and the elaborate option. These include a particular puja at the end of each week in tandem with butter lamp offerings. You can learn the details and schedule of these three options by visiting the link below. Additionally, you will find that Samye offers a one-time Amitabha and butter lamp prayer request option to be completed during the first week after a loved one’s passing.

The main prayers and practices done for the deceased over the 49-day (or 7-week) period include the following: Korwa Dongtruk, Amitabha puja, Sangtik Dorsem, Kunzang Tuktik, and Ngensong Dongtruk.

To learn more about these practices, Samye’s prayer options, and to request Bardo prayers on behalf of your loved one, visit this page.

Furthermore, for the dying and deceased, Samye’s sister non-for-profit organization, the Akara Collection, offers a boxed kit with essential sacred items which hold the blessings of liberation upon taste, touch, hearing, smelling, seeing, and wearing. For more information visit the Akara Collection.

Akara Collection’s Six Jewels of Liberation


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