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Student Reflections

Parenthood is Practice, Too

In this article, Alan Pope shows how parenthood provides an opportunity to take our meditation practice into the heart of our daily lives.

Student Reflections

Taking Obstacles Onto the Path

Alan Pope talks about how we can learn to treat the obstacles on our path as our greatest blessings through skillful practice.

Outstretched Hand
Student Reflections

Forgetting the Goal: A Lesson on Hope and Despair

The Buddhist path is incredibly complex – beautifully so – interweaving a multitude of components the way a great weaver threads thousands of strands of yarn to build a blanket.

Knowing when to rest
Student Reflections

Knowing When To Rest

What does it mean to rest? As a working mother of two young children learns how to integrate practice into her daily life, she also discovers the importance of this simple act.