Tawni Tidwell, TMD, Ph.D., is a Tibetan medical physician (also known as “menpa” or “amchi”), who studied Tibetan medicine at Men-Tsee-Khang in north India and Sorig Loling Tibetan Medical College of Tso-Ngon (Qinghai) University in eastern Tibet. Tawni did her Ph.D. in biocultural anthropology at Emory University, where she looked at the sensory entrainment processes for diagnostics in Tibetan medical education, graduating in 2017.

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Seasonal Influences on Health: Recommendations for the Freeze of Winter

Dec 12, 2019

Seasonal influences contribute to our overall physical health. In our previous blog we introduced the seasonal approach to diet and behavior in Tibetan medicine by discussing the Fourfold Cooling Method for excess...

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Fourfold Cooling Method

Aug 21, 2019

Tibetan medicine calls for specific seasonal behavior.  The seasons can be divided either by equinox and solstice, the four seasons as we do in the West or into six seasons: Early Winter (November & December), Late Winter (January & February),...

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Care-Taking rLüng During Long Practice Hours

Apr 29, 2019

By Dr. Tawni Tidwell It is important to recognize that extended practice can proliferate and aggravate rlüng (lōōng). As we remember from our introductory blog post, rlüng are the coarse and subtle winds in...

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Tibetan Medicine Basics: Units of Distinction

Feb 26, 2019

Units of Distinction Tibetan Medicine Basics offers a brief introduction to an alternative way of viewing the human body. Western and Tibetan medicine look at the same body through different lenses, so...

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