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Path of Meditation Level One

Course Curriculum

An Overview of the Path of Meditation FREE 00:00:00
Mahāmudrā: An introduction 00:00:00
Advice as You Begin 00:00:00
Advice for the Home Practice Program 00:00:00
How to Practice During This Program 00:00:00
Setting Up A Tibetan Buddhist Shrine 00:00:00
The Treasury of Blessings – Buddha Śākyamuni Practice 00:00:00
Path of Meditation Chart 00:00:00
The Ground
What is Dharma? 00:00:00
Four Mind Changings 00:00:00
Refuge and Bodhichitta 00:00:00
Dza Patrul Rinpoche’s teaching on Refuge 00:00:00
Patrul Rinpoche Essential Instructions on Bodhicitta 00:00:00
Study and Reflection 00:00:00
Source of the Buddhadharma and the Mahāmudrā Lineage 00:00:00
Connecting to the Lineage Masters 00:00:00
Masters of Mahāmudrā 00:00:00
How to Validate the Dharma FREE 00:00:00
Essence of the Ground 00:00:00
Seeing Faults: Notice, But Don’t Judge 00:00:00
The Mechanism of Samsara 00:00:00
Enhancement Dispelling Obstacles 00:00:00
The Path
Right Motivation 00:00:00
Five Experiences of a Meditator FREE 00:00:00
One Pointedness 00:00:00
The Great Master Attitude 00:00:00
Mind Becoming Functional 00:00:00
Daily Life Training 00:00:00
Posture and Seven Points of Vairocana 00:00:00
Training Guidelines 00:00:00
Month 1: Pure and Impure Physical Support FREE 00:00:00
Month 2: Focusing on the Breath 00:00:00
Month 3: Vase Breath 00:00:00
Vase Breath Technique Demonstration FREE 00:00:00
Month 4: Vajra Breath 00:00:00
Month 5-6: Pure Mental Object 00:00:00
Month 7-9: Natural State Śamatha 00:00:00
Month 10-12: Tightening and Loosening 00:00:00
Supplication: Enhancing Your Practice Through the Düsum Sangye Prayer 00:00:00
Teaching on the Concise Sang Offering of Lamé Tukdrub Barché Künsel 00:00:00
The Concise Sang Offering of Lamé Tukdrub Barché Künsel  FREE 00:00:00
Advanced Tonglen FREE 00:00:00
Dealing with Meditation Obstacles FREE 00:02:00
Countering Distraction: Dealing with Obstacles in Meditation FREE 00:02:00
Amṛta Meditation FREE 00:00:00
Guru Citta Meditation FREE 00:00:00
Path Of Meditation Suggested Reading List FREE 00:00:00
How to Progress 00:00:00

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Duration: Lifetime Access

Price: $108.00