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Yoga Āsanas for Sitting Meditation

Do you think that you can’t really meditate because it is physically difficult? Or do you find yourself fidgeting constantly, or experiencing pain when meditating? These classic yoga positions are specifically designed to aid meditators sit more comfortably. And, if you carry less tension in the body, your mind will also relax. That relaxation enables you to experience more enjoyable meditation sessions.


Yogic Exercises for Sitting Meditation

In this short course, Somānanda Yogi presents a series of exercises firmly rooted in the Indian, Himalayan and South East Asian yogic traditions.

Specifically designed for meditators and those sitting for long periods of time, this series of simple exercises is intended to open the channels and calm the winds, adding more flexibility and comfort to a sitting meditation practice.

At Phakchok Rinpoche’s request, Somānanda teaches these exercises regularly at Mahāmudrā retreats throughout the world.

In the program, Somānanda Yogi demonstrates each position in a video. Voice-over instruction accompanies each clip. In addition there is a written description of each exercise. Once learned, this series should take about 30-45 minutes to complete.

Course Curriculum

About Somānanda Yogi FREE 00:00:00
Advice and Cautions for Yoga Practice FREE 00:00:00
Video Demonstrations
Full Yoga Sequence 00:00:00
Yogic Breathing: Exhaling the Stale Breath FREE 00:00:00
Exercise 1 00:00:00
Exercise 2 00:00:00
Exercise 3 00:00:00
Exercise 4 00:00:00
Exercise 5 00:00:00
Exercise 6 00:00:00
Exercise 7 00:00:00
Exercise 8 00:00:00
Exercise 9 00:00:00
Exercise 10 00:00:00
Exercise 11 00:00:00
Exercise 12 00:00:00
Further Resources
Vase Breath Technique Demonstration FREE 00:00:00

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