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Tukdrub Sampa Lhündrup Tsok Bum

Asura Cave Retreat Center Pharping

Note: This event will be livestreamed. Tukdrup Sampa Lhündrup Tsokbum from The Guru’s Heart Practice at Asura Cave Retreat Center in Nepal. Alongside the monks we will accumulate a total of 100,000 repetitions of the offering prayer.

The Power of Awakening Dignity

The Mangalam Center Library 2018 Allston Way, Berkeley, California

Phakchok Rinpoche will visit Berkeley, California and teach on the themes raised in his new book, "Awakening Dignity."

Leading and Caring Through Awakening Dignity

Stanford University The CIRCLE in the Old Union, 520 Lasuen Mall, Stanford

Phakchok Rinpoche will visit Stanford University and teach on "Leading and Caring Through Awakening Dignity."

What is Dignity? Can It Be Trained?

Presbyterian Church 1251 S. Park Loop, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Phakchok Rinpoche will visit Jackson Hole after a five-year absence and talk on "What is Dignity? Can It Be Trained?"

Event Series Monthly Kurukulla Puja

Monthly Kurukulla Puja

Do-Ngak Ling Monastery Chapagaon

Every month on Dakini Day (25th day of the lunar month), the Druplas and monks of Do-Ngak Ling Monastery perform the practice of the magnetizing Lotus Dakini, Pema Khandro, or Kurukulla.