The Importance of Daily Practice and Bodhisattva Action

Dharma Zen Center 1025 S Cloverdale Ave, Los Angeles, CA

We are happy to announce that Phakchok Rinpoche will visit Dharma Zen Center in downtown Los Angeles to teach on "The Importance of Daily Practice…


Dharma Protector Day


There are both male and female protectors (dharmapāla). Protectors are very extensive. They can be dharma protectors or worldly protectors. Your teacher is a dharma protector. A worldly protector can be someone who protects your country. There are protectors of your family and your beliefs. There are your personal protectors. There are guardian protectors who give you guidance. There are many of them. There are guides for food, for a journey, for your health, and during war. All these guides are like guardian angels.

Vajrasattva Empowerment

Riwoche Tibetan Buddhist Temple 28 Heintzman Street, Toronto, Ontario

Samye Institute is delighted to announce that Phakchok Rinpoche will visit Los Angeles to teach on "The Path of Dharma" and confer a Vajrasattva empowerment.

Medicine Buddha Day


Medicine Buddha or Bhaiṣajyaguru visualization has been practiced in many forms of Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism. According to the Mahayana Bhaiṣajya-guru-vaiḍūrya-prabhā-rāja Sūtra, the bodhisattva Bhaiṣajyaguru made twelve great vows. In particular, he aspired that he be able to heal all beings’ physical sufferings and mental illnesses.

Guru Rinpoche Day


Guru Rinpoche day: Guru Rinpoche or Padmasambhava is the Buddha who established Tantric Buddhism in Tibet. At the esoteric level, he is the essence of all buddhas and masters. He is the Buddha of our troubled age, dispelling all negativities, and as such he occupies an important place in the hearts and in the practice of the Tibetans, particularly those of the Nyingma school.

Medicine Buddha Puja

Gerakan Hall Wisma Tun Lim Chong Eu 139 Jalan Macalister, Pulau Pinang

Phakchok Rinpoche will lead a Medicine Buddha puja with the Malaysian sangha.