2020/2021 Tsok Bum Series Offerings

Samye Institute joyfully announces that beginning this Guru Rinpoche day, the 10th day of the sixth lunar month (July 29), in accordance with Phakchok Rinpoche’s guidance, we will be completing a series of eight tsok bum, or 100,000 feast offerings, on each of the seven remaining Guru Rinpoche days of this Tibetan lunar calendar year. Phakchok Rinpoche believes that the tremendous magnetizing power of these tsok bum will be particularly effective in this period of global pandemic and unrest. Tsok is a profound Vajrayana practice of offering that swiftly gathers the accumulations of merit and wisdom and simultaneously purifies our obscurations. Bum means that the offering will be accumulated 100,000 times, which will be accomplished by our sangha in Nepal, and around the world.

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