Diana Carey

Diana’s interest in Yoga, meditation and Ayurveda started back in the 1980’s, and she started to pursue them in 1993 after she finished a creative psychotherapy education. She traveled to India in search of yoga, meditation and knowledge. It was a great inspiration which lead to years of studying yoga, breathing techniques, meditation and Ayurveda. She moved to a yoga ashram in the mountains of the Black Forest in Germany, and stayed there to study for a few years. At the same time she was very inspired to live a life of eating as much organic and healthy foods as possible.

Moving back to her home in Denmark, she decided to be creative for a couple of years, and did an Anthroposofic art therapy education. In 2002 she started a wholesale company importing organic foods, and sustainable products. Her mission was to make organic foods more accessible and to inspire people to live a healthier life and help people. She has taught yoga since 1999, and has given ayurvedic consultations on foods and herbs. Diana has three children and lives in Denmark with her husband, Jesper Skovlund.