Introducing Samye Institute's Vajrayana Membership

Oriane Lavole

Oriane Lavole is a translator and interpreter of Buddhist texts and teachings from Tibetan to English. She has been interpreting for Phakchok Rinpoche and other Chokling Tersar lineage masters and scholars since 2015, and has been the head of Rinpoche’s translation group, Lhasey Lotsawa, since 2016. Oriane completed her Master’s in Translation, Textual Interpretation, and Philology at the Center for Buddhist Studies of Kathmandu University (formerly Rangjung Yeshe Institute) in 2016, and has worked in the Institute as an interpreter and an instructor in the Translator Training Program. Oriane also produces translations for 84,000, and continues to oversee Lhasey Lotsawa’s translation and publication activity.