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Session Sixteen: The Eight Worldy Dharmas

In this session, Drupla Sonam continues his discussion of the hindrances to renunciation. After discussing the damage that procrastination can do to accomplishing our goals, Drupla discusses the Eight Worldy Dharmas (or concerns):

  • Hope for happiness and fear of suffering,
  • Hope for fame and fear of insignificance,
  • Hope for praise and fear of blame,
  • Hope for gain and fear of loss.

Drupla continues to examine the three types of suffering in Samsara:

  1. The Suffering of suffering,
  2. The Suffering of change,
  3. The All-pervasive suffering of conditioning.

Within what we consider happiness, there is the cause of future suffering. This is what is meant when great masters talk about Samsara “not having a drop of lasting happiness.” This subtle suffering is difficult to perceive when compared to the previous two sufferings, which are gross and readily apparent. Drupla recommends that we continue to study the Dharma to get a deeper appreciation of this subtle suffering.

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