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Support the Activities of Samye Institute

In order to maintain our current activities, deliver our future roadmap and remain firm as the bedrock of our global sangha, Samye needs your ongoing support. We invite you to support Samye Institute in whatever way you prefer and be a direct cause for our activities to flourish and expand.

Samye Institute launched in 2015. Our worldwide volunteer team has helped us evolve into a hub for Phakchok Rinpoche’s vast teaching activities. Under Rinpoche and his senior instructors’ guidance our mission focuses on providing support for all those who wish to practice the Buddhadharma.

We welcome all offerings, regardless of the amount. Our wish is for every user to make and auspicious connection with Samye Institute.

If you are interested in volunteering for Samye Institute, please click here.

Help Us To:

  • Introduce more people to the Dharma and continue to offer most of our content for free to whoever it may benefit
  • Produce practice texts, courses and support materials for committed practitioners
  • Invest in improvements and new features for all the websites in our mandala
  • Maintain stable, predictable cash flow and support salaries for key current and future staff
  • Develop our groups, centers, curriculums and instructor coordination
  • Support student pathways such as Mahamudra and Ngondro
  • Provide both technical and practice support for students
  • Produce regular newsletters, wisdom blogs and social media outreach