Practicing Calm Presence can change the atmosphere in the normally stressful atmosphere where a person is ill or dying. You can sit at the bedside and practice whenever you find it helpful. Again no one needs to know that you have this intention. This open awareness practice brings peace and calm to a chaotic situation. And calmness brings a sense of balance and grounded strength in a shaky and scary world.

This guided meditation on Practicing Calm Presence cultivates vulnerability and empathy. It supports us in caregiving for those who are sick and dying. You can use it to bring calmness and peace as you interact with those for whom you care.

As you gain familiarity with this practice, you might notice that other members of the care team, the family, and visitors, may also begin to relate to the situation with more calmness and peace. But we don’t need to hold this expectation, nor think that they should acknowledge it even it it happens. Just allow whatever occurs to be—naturally as it is.