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Inside the Radically Happy book

By Erric Solomon In this video, Phakchok Rinpoche and I describe how our new book can positively impact your life. Transform you mind and change


Self-Reflection on the Spiritual Path

We’re busy people and have lots of responsibilities and activities, so often we may forget to engage in self-reflection.  But, we may want to look carefully at what we prioritize.  If we don’t make time for self-reflection, we don’t need to apologize–but we should remind ourselves how important this is.  And we should begin our meditation sessions with a few minutes of reflection–don’t leave it to the last thing we do. If we form the habit of checking ourselves, we are actually taking steps toward becoming a bodhisattva, a buddha.

Listen Here: Radically Happy Audiobook

Phakchok Rinpoche and Erric Solomon have collaborated on Radically Happy: A User’s Guide to the Mind.  Many people have questions–what does the book discuss? What does the title mean? In this regular blog feature, co-creator, Erric Solomon shares more about how to be Radically Happy

Overcoming Resistance

Overcoming Resistance to Meditation

Overcoming resistance means understanding our own behavior and habits.  And many of us have patterns of laziness or of rebelling against rules and regulations.  So, when we are beginning a meditation practice, we can explore overcoming resistance. We observe how our own attitudes may get in the way of developing meditation experience.  But as we inquire gently. we remember not to be overly rigid or extreme in our expectations.  Meditation should be approached gently; we aren’t putting ourselves in jail!

Understanding Negative Emotions

Understanding Our Negative Emotions

Understanding negative emotions involves looking at our own thoughts honestly. As we observe, we notice countless negative habits that pop up one after another. Classic Buddhist teaching groups these into six main categories of negative emotions. Recognizing these and applying the correct antidote, is the Dharma.

What is Radically Happy?

What Radically Happy is in less than 90 seconds! Order your copy of Radically Happy via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound or wherever good books are sold. Phakchok

Practicing meditation

Practicing Meditation: Three Main Points

Practicing meditation is a key point of applying Buddhist Dharma. And many other traditions also feature meditation.  Phakchok Rinpoche suggests that we need to approach practice gradually because most of us have a number of bad habits. First of all, we tend to get easily distracted. Isn’t that true? Do you find yourself losing track of your mind?

Understanding Emotions

Understanding Emotions: Benefit of Meditation

Understanding emotions serves as the first step toward overcoming our basic ignorance. In this video clip, Phakchok Rinpoche shares his personal experience of coming to grips with his emotions. He describes the strong emotions of his teenage years, and explains the gradual steps he took by practicing meditation. The more relaxed, softer, and non-clinging mind that he discovered can be ours when we choose to take up meditation training.

Buddhist Parents

Advice for Buddhist Parents

Buddhist parents sometimes ask how best to apply the teachings when relating in their family life. In this short audio teaching, Phakchok Rinpoche shares some practical advice for Buddhist parents.

Learning Buddha's teachings

Just Be Kind!

Just be kind! Phakchok Rinpoche observes that as he travels around the world, he finds that many of us have forgotten this basic skill. Basic, simple kindness seems to be disappearing. This simple kindness doesn’t belong to any religion or belief set. We can remind ourselves, again and again, to just be kind to each other. Rinpoche advises us to adopt this important motivational slogan as a regular mantra.