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~ January 17, 2017 ~

Let the Dharma Resonate: Be Decisive!

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Let the Dharma resonate fully. What does this mean? In this audio teaching from 2016, Phakchok Rinpoche explains what it means to let the Dharma resonate. Resonate has so many different meanings. It can mean to produce a deep, rich sound that reverberates. It can also mean to bring forth memories, feelings, and emotions. Resonate also has the sense of bringing agreement and of being accepted.

In order to let the Dharma resonate, we must first receive teachings. We listen attentively, contemplate, and practice the teachings we are given. Letting the Dharma resonate means allowing the teachings to do their work and to make changes. If we do that, we are really doing the right practice. Rinpoche observes that it is important for us to do the practices so that we can experience the changes. That way we don’t wake up in a few years and think that nothing has changed and that there has been no benefit.

Accumulating Merit

Let the Dharma resonate fully by accumulating merit. This is the best method. Don’t have lots of expectations and think that there is some sort of magical Pandora’s box that will transform you. That is not how it works. The journey of the path needs to bring changes. For example, going to Drubchens (Great Accumulations) brings changes. You don’t understand why or how, but something is happening within you. That is called blessings. You cannot have a spiritual practice without spirit! That is why a good teacher is important. Because from a good teacher, you can observe more than the words and meaning. You can understand how the person behaves and practices.


You have to have trust in the teacher, in yourself, and in Buddha nature. If you allow that spirit to resonate, then you don’t have a lot of doubts. Questions are endless. You have to think about why you are asking the questions. Why don’t you trust? You need to develop the strength of determination based on trust. Decide to do something first, then supplicate, and you will start blooming! Trust will bloom if you are decisive. It will become a habit, and you will develop more spirit, more life. You will bloom like a flower! Make the decision to supplicate regardless of what happens. Don’t worry about whether you are up or down, happy or sad. If you carry the pattern and supplicate regardless of your emotions, you will see results.

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