Student Pathways

Here you will find study and practice information relating to being a student of Phakchok Rinpoche.

The Three Wheels

Learn how to incorporate the three traditional spheres of Buddha activity  (‘khorlo mam gsum) of the Buddhist path:

  • The wheel of listening and reflecting
  • The wheel of relinquishing through meditation
  • The wheel of altruistic activity

All three wheels should be balanced in order to maintain a complete spiritual life.

Dawn of Dharma

Dawn of Dharma is a program for all Rinpoche’s students – both experienced and new practitioners. Dawn of Dharma will provide you with knowledge – profound inspiration to practice, and thus facilitate you to experience the profound points of the Dharma in actuality.

This will then further ripen the seeds to gain a deeper understanding and certainty from the other retreats and programs.

You can attend a Dawn of Dharma retreat, or you can attend the complete program of 24 filmed teachings by Rinpoche in a group setting.

The Three Streams

The teachings of Phakchok Rinpoche are categorized into three paths:

  • Path of Meditation
  • Full Nine Yānas Path
  • Traditional Vajrayāna Path

According to the instructions of the great masters, Rinpoche presents an interdependent path consisting of three streams that should be integrated as one practices.

Guru Rinpoche Day Teachings

When Guru Rinpoche was journeying throughout Asia taming countless beings and spreading the Vajrayana teachings in all directions, he displayed innumerable great and miraculous deeds for the benefit of beings. On the tenth lunar day of each month of the year he displayed twelve great deeds.  Vajrayana practitioners recall and commemorate this occasion each month by doing intensive practice and supplication.

Phakchok Rinpoche sends out short teachings to all students via email on every Guru Rinpoche day.  These messages are composed  with the aspiration to inspire students and remind us to bring our minds home in the midst of our busy lives.

Wisdom Blog

The Wisdom Blog section contains advice and instruction from Rinpoche and his senior instructors. Each of these short reminders contains essential guidance to enrich and support your practice.

We will be posting a new audio file or video with supplementary information every week. These short recollections provide a solid foundation of support for your dharma practice. Rinpoche often reminds us to check our own progress, measured by our personal transformation. His advice is to use all the tools that are available to us. We can do this by drawing inspiration from authentic teachings to enhance our dharma practice. These Wisdom Blogs provide concrete methods to use in our enhancement and self-examination process.

Global Accumulations

Magnetizing Accumulation
“Giant Cloud of Blessings”

“Learning how to work together to make very vast aspirations as a global Sangha to magnetize excellent conditions for Dharma resounding and all pure aspirations to be fulfilled.”

~ Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche

Rinpoche has requested that all his students take up the magnetizing practice entitled “Giant Cloud of Blessings” as part of their daily practice.

He would like us as a global sangha to accumulate 1 million of these prayers annually!