༄༅། །རི་བོ་བསང་མཆོད་ཀྱི་ངག་འདོན་ཁྲིགས་བཀོལ་བཞུགས། །
Riwo Sangchö
The Mountain Smoke Offering
Revealed by Lhatsün Namkha Jikmé



Reading transmission from a lineage holder is required to engage in this practice.


This Mountain Smoke Offering from Lhatsün Namkha Jikmé’s Life-Force Practice of the Vidyādharas revelation remains one of the most famous and widely practiced cleansing offering (sang) rituals in the Himalayas. This practice is particularly important for clearing karmic debts and pleasing obstacle-makers and wandering spirits and demons.


Practice text

Access the practice text from Samye Translations.

Video Resources

Tulku Migmar Tsering Recites the Riwo Sangchö Practice

In this recording, Tulku Migmar Tsering recites the Riwo Sangchö practice in its entirety.

Audio Resources

Riwö Sangcho: The Practice and Its History

In this teaching, Phakchok Rinpoche provides an extensive background to the Riwö Sangcho practice and history. Rinpoche mentions the deep meanings behind the terminology of this text, and how it can be confusing to approach without an understanding of the background.

Phakchok Rinpoche Teaches on the Riwo Sangchö (Asura Cave 2021)

This teaching was conferred by Rinpoche during the Riwo Sangchö Puja at Asura Cave in 2021.

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