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Buddhist Arts

Sertok Erected at Gomde New York

In July 2019, on Guru Rinpoche Day, Tulku Migmar Tsering consecrated the  sertok that was erected atop the main shrine barn at Gomde New York.

Dharma wheel and pair of deer

Dharma Wheel and Pair of Deer

We may notice certain representations such as a Dharma wheel with two deer gazing steadily at it appear frequently. Why do we see this image

Ritual Dance

Ritual Dance: Tibetan Buddhist ‘cham

Ritual dance performances occur on special days in the Tibetan calendar, particularly around the new year, and are an important way of transmitting the Dharma.

Mani Wheels

Maṇi Wheels Spreading the Dharma

When we spin maṇi wheels in a clockwise direction, rolls of paper (or film) printed with mantras spin. In this way, we are turning the wheel

prayer flags

Prayer Flags

Prayer flags have now become very popular throughout the world. What is their history and significance?