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~ February 4, 2019 ~

Mahāyāna Practice Supports

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Mahāyāna Practice Motivation

Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche  reminds Dharma practitioners to consistently review and reflect on our understanding. We need to develop certainty in the view, the motivation, the ground, and each stage on the path. In these videos Samye offers a short series of “reminder clips” selected from previous Bodhisattvayāna teachings.  As Vajrayāna and Mahāyāna practitioners we should regularly engage in self-reflection to check our progress.

We need to train in understanding these crucial points to give our practice a strong foundation.

Mahāyāna Practice Reminders

Each clip here gives a specific reminder. We recommend that you watch each segment and spend a few minutes reflecting on the message before moving on to the next segment. You can watch these reminders frequently until you gain certainty in the teaching.

The Understanding of Nature

The Difference in the Motivation of the Bodhisattva

View of the Bodhisattva


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