One of the five classical subjects of study, Grammar includes translation theory and etymology. The Classical Tibetan language remains a rich source of carefully compiled vocabulary expressing the meaning of the Buddhadharma. Traditionally one begins the study of  Tibetan language using ancient grammatical treatises such as the ‘Thirty verses’ (sum cu pa) and ‘Use of Gender Signs’ (rtags ‘jug pa) by “the scholar from Tibet”, Thonmi Sambhota.

Bhagavān: Buddha Epithets

Bhagavān is one of the many epithets of the Buddha. Hilary Herdman explores the meanings of this term.

Tibetan for Practitioners

Tibetan for Practitioners

Tibetan for Practitioners: A Success on the Ground Rangjung Yeshe Gomde New York in New York  hosted an exciting new offering in July of 2018. 


Buddha: The Awakened

Hilary Herdman discusses how the great Lotsawas of Tibet went about translating the title “Buddha.”