A Lamp Illuminating the Path

Developing Confident Faith

Jun 29, 2017

Developing confident faith in the Buddha and the Dharma is crucial on the path. Confident faith means conviction based on wisdom and experience....

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Remembering Correctly with Fourfold Perception

Jun 22, 2017

Remembering correctly is useful in our daily life. We bring more benefit, however, by remembering the Dharma teachings correctly....

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Six Stains of the Listener

Jun 15, 2017

Buddhist teachers describe 14 types of mistaken conduct, including six stains. We are instructed to avoid these mindsets when listening to the Dharma....

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Three Defects of the Vessel

Jun 8, 2017

Three defects of the vessel are explained in traditional Buddhist teachings as something students should avoid. For a Dharma student, correct conduct brings a tremendous advantage....

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Dharma Student Qualities: How to Listen

Jun 1, 2017

Classic Buddhist texts discuss how to be the best type of Dharma student. Once we know the proper approach for a Dharma student, we can make swift...

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