Tibetan Medicine Basics

Tibetan Medicine Tools for Trying Times

During these stressful times, Tibetan Medicine may offer us some tools for bringing our body and mind into balance. Our sangha member and Dakini Doctor,

Mental Maintenance Creates Stability

“Mental Maintenance” means working with our own minds. Anxiety, depression, and stress can affect anybody.  First, we need to take care of our actual physical

Jobs and the Dharma: Finding a Balance

“Being practical doesn’t mean you are not practicing,” Matthew observes.  Can you take a look at your own work situation and see opportunities for you

Fourfold Cooling Method

Fourfold Cooling Method

Tibetan medicine calls for specific seasonal behavior.  The seasons can be divided either by equinox and solstice, the four seasons as we do in the

Tibetan Medicine

Tibetan Medicine: An Introduction

Some Thoughts on the Relationship of Buddhism & Tibetan Medicine Tibetan Medicine: Dharma and Medicine in Tandem Tibetan medicine as a healing modality is unique

Knowing when to rest

Knowing When To Rest

What does it mean to rest? As a working mother of two young children learns how to integrate practice into her daily life, she also

Buddhist Parents

Advice for Buddhist Parents

Buddhist parents sometimes ask how best to apply the teachings when relating in their family life. In this short audio teaching, Phakchok Rinpoche shares some

Be Gentle with Yourself!

In this video instruction, Phakchok Rinpoche responds to a student’s question about thoughts arising during four foundations practice sessions. Rinpoche advises the student to look