Five Fundamental Precepts -

Jan 29, 2019

Five Fundamental Precepts Establish a Basis for Ethical Behavior The Buddha taught that if we adopt these five fundamental precepts, we can avoid harming ourselves and harming others. Moreover, if we modify...

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Learning How to Improve -

Dec 20, 2016

Learning how to improve is an important part of our Dharma practice. Phakchok Rinpoche reminds us of some simple reflections we can practice in this video excerpt from a teaching given in...

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Life is Precious -

Dec 20, 2015

Dear Friends Near and Far, Tashi Delek, Happy Guru Rinpoche Day. I’m back to send messages to all of my dharma brothers, sisters, and friends near and far. I just want to...

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The Relationship Between Conduct, Progress and the View -

Aug 16, 2013

Dear Friends Near and Far, Hoping you have been well in all ways this past month, I would like to share a short piece of advice to highlight a crucial point for...

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Pith Instructions -

Dec 22, 2012

Dear Friends Near and Far: I hope you have all been happy and healthy. I am now back in my hometown in Boudhanath, Nepal. I am going to say few things candidly...

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The Eight Faults -

Oct 6, 2011

Dear Friends, Near and Far, Greetings to you all from the Kathmandu Valley. By the time you receive this mail from me, many of you will be getting ready to go to...

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