The Four Holy Places

Dec 15, 2010

A pilgrimage is an important act of devotion and faith as it enables us to accumulate merit and purify our defilements and obscurations of the body, speech and mind by the power of the blessings of the sacred...

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Benefits of Performing Feast Offerings and the Seven Line Prayer

Jul 20, 2010

The word for ‘feast offering’ in Sanskrit is ganachakra, which if translated into Tibetan is tsok kyi khorlo, wheel of accumulation. Gathering the two accumulations of merit and wisdom is the supreme and indispensable method for clearing away the cloud...

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Meditative Concentration

Mar 6, 2009

Now coming back to where we left off, this seven lifetime old man would once again like to take the opportunity to remind you all to not go astray from practicing the precious...

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Taking Hold of Bodhicitta

Jul 12, 2008

Like in my previous messages, I would like to once again take you away for a moment from your samsaric activities and share with you some of Śāntideva’s words of...

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The Excellence of Bodhicitta

May 14, 2008

Today being Guru Rinpoche Day, I want to remind you all to practice...

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