Buddhist Practice

Vulture Peak

Sustain the Treasure of Samadhi

Phakchok Rinpoche shares a little bit of his new book, “In the Footsteps of Bodhisattvas”, in which he teaches how the essence of meditation naturally arises when we properly line-up the right conditions within our lives.

Maha Guru

The Importance of Dignity

On the auspicious day of the birthday of Maha Guru Padmasambhava, Phakchok Rinpoche reminds his students about the importance of developing dignity.

Ullambana The Hungry Ghost Month

Ullambana: The Hungry Ghost Month

What is Ullambana, or the Hungry Ghost Month? In Chinese culture, commonly known as the Hungry Ghost Festival, the practice of burning extensive offerings made

Chou Chen Samye Student reflections

A Garland of Protection

By Chou Chuen Perfectly Enlightened Mother, please protect us beginners on the Path! Sipping coffee and museum hopping in London with a monk that I

Experience opens understanding

Experience Opens Understanding

How do we begin Buddhist practice? We can first listen to explanations from a qualified teacher, and take time to reflect on what we have heard–trying to understand a little more. Then, after a lot of studies we then gradually encourage ourselves to try some of the practices.  That summarizes one approach. Phakchok Rinpoche advises students with this inclination to enter the pathway of the Nine Yanas.

Another method is to approach the practice with a degree of trust–we think this seems right–and we begin practicing what we hear right away.  As we do that, we take time to reflect on our own experiences. When we follow this method, we observe our own experience and notice any changes and improvements right away. Rinpoche calls this method the Path of Meditation.

Buddha Nature: Our Ground

Buddha-nature refers to the ground, the basic nature that we all share.  It is our “starting point”, so to speak. We refer to the ground of all sentient beings, the ground of the Buddha, the ground of all dharmas, and all phenomena.

What is the common ground of all of this? We share the common ground of emptiness.

Celebrate Chokhor Duchen

Celebrate Chökhor Düchen!

Celebrate Chökhor Düchen by recollecting the Buddha’s first teaching after his awakening. Tibetan Buddhists commemorate this auspicious event on the fourth day of the sixth Lunar month. In 2018, we celebrate Chökhor Düchen on July 16.

Improving Ourselves on the Buddhist Path

Improving ourselves, or making progress, while practicing the Buddhadharma should be a natural outcome.  Phakchok Rinpoche observes that we practice correctly when our behavior and

Ethical behavior

Ethical Behavior in Buddhism: The Virtues

Ethical behavior occupies a central role on the Buddhist path to awakening. Yet often, modern presentations of Buddhist teaching skip over these fundamental principles. In our hurry to jump to the “good stuff,” however, we may be missing some crucial points.

Protection Chakras and Prayers

Happy Guru Rinpoche Day! In today’s video, Phakchok Rinpoche introduces Raksha Tötreng, the manifestation of Guru Rinpoche who is known to protect against uncertain time of death. Related with this, Rinpoche explains the importance of wearing protection chakras and requesting prayers from authentic lamas and nuns.