Six Stains of the Listener -

Jun 15, 2017

Buddhist teachers describe 14 types of mistaken conduct, including six stains. We are instructed to avoid these mindsets when listening to the Dharma....

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Three Defects of the Vessel -

Jun 8, 2017

Three defects of the vessel are explained in traditional Buddhist teachings as something students should avoid. For a Dharma student, correct conduct brings a tremendous advantage....

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The Relationship Between Conduct, Progress and the View -

Aug 16, 2013

Dear Friends Near and Far, Hoping you have been well in all ways this past month, I would like to share a short piece of advice to highlight a crucial point for...

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Conduct and Virtue -

Jul 18, 2013

Dear Friends Near and Far, As always, I hope you have been well and happy this past month. Today on the Guru Rinpoche day of the sixth Tibetan month, which marks the anniversary of Chökhor Duchen (the first teaching of...

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