Guru Rinpoche with two of his heart disciples.

Khandro Yeshé Tsogyel’s Prayer to Guru Rinpoche

For this Guru Rinpoche day, I would like to share with you Khandro Yeshé Tsogyel’s supplication to the Great Guru, or Mahā Guru, Padmasambhava. Yeshé Tsogyel made this prayer of aspiration, her heart filled with devotion, as the Mahā Guru was about to leave Tibet for Cāmara, the land of rākśasa demons.

Birth of Guru Rinpoche

On the 10th day of the fifth and sixth months of the Tibetan Buddhist calendar, we celebrate the birth of Guru Rinpoche, the “Precious Master”

Cultivating Devotion

Societal Human Values Series # 1 by Hilary Herdman Tibetan Emperor Songtsen Gampo, (Srong-brtsan-sgam-po, reigned 629-650 CE. ), among his many achievements, promoted a moral

What Devotion Really Is, Part 3 – Infallibly Inseparable

There seems to be a lot of talk in Buddhist blogs, magazines and in real-time lectures about what it means for a guru to be infallible, if, in fact, it’s even possible. As I mentioned at the top of this post, it partially inspired me to write this.

What Devotion Really Is, Part 1 – Devotion Beyond Concepts

What is devotion? Is there something about the guru/disciple relationship that makes it unsuited to the modern world? If this relationship is truly essential to swiftly making progress along the path, how can we do so safely, especially in light of some of the stories we have recently had to hear about?

Craig Davis

Devotion and the Guru’s Grace

Devotion and the Guru’s Grace Please know that what follows is simply my dream, which may not be your dream.   I have had the

With My Guru in Tharpaling

Happy Guru Rinpoche Day to all of you! I hope you all are healthy and happy. As I am sending this message to you all today, I am in the presence of my Guru Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche’s Kudung Chorten in Tharpaling, in the beautiful valley of Bumthang, loved and cherished dearly by him just as it was treasured in the same manner by Gyalwa Longchenpa, from whom the blessed lineage of Longchen Nyingthik started.