Belief Through Practice

Belief or faith can mean different things depending on the context. Without any investigation, we may think that belief implies a blind, almost ignorant attitude.

The Principle of Trust

Dear friends near and far Hello everyone again! Happy Guru Rinpoche Day. This is the third message in my Guru Rinpoche Twelve Manifestations series. In

faith and the mind

Faith and the Mind

Phakchok Rinpoche explains that the mind is the base. He then uses the metaphor of a beautiful flower, on that fundamental base, to represent the

Anniversary of the Lotus Born Guru

I hope that this reminder on this very auspicious Guru Rinpoche Day becomes a means for you to stabilize your ground, that it gives you

King Milarepa’s Wealth

It was during the 10th of this lunar month back in the 8th century when Guru Rinpoche first arrived into Tibet. The great Indian Buddhist