Guided Meditations

Meditation To Reduce Caregiver Stress

When you are a caregiver sometimes there are additional stresses on your energy. The demands can become greater than your energies and you can become

Sound Healing: Tibetan Singing Bowls

Sound healing techniques have been popular throughout history in many different cultures. These days, Himalayan singing bowls are gaining popularity in sound therapy. The bowls

Creating Spacious Natural Awareness

Our Noble Living, Noble Caring, Noble Dying team prepared some guided meditations. We can all benefit from the practice of Creating Spacious Natural Awareness. This

Guided Compassion Meditation

This Guided Compassion Meditation includes a gentle introduction to Metta (loving kindness). This practice has proven to be very useful for those who are new

Practicing Calm Presence

Practicing Calm Presence can change the atmosphere in the normally stressful atmosphere where a person is ill or dying. You can sit at the bedside