How to Thrive in the Midst of a Hectic Day? The Magic of Many Practices

Jul 21, 2018

It’s clear that to learn to cope, grow and thrive, we need a few different strategies, which means we need to combine a variety of practices that help us get used to being fully present in the face of whatever...

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Who’s the White Guy? (part 1)

Jun 15, 2018

About eighteen months ago, Rinpoche and I were giving a Radically Happy talk in San Francisco. Joshua, Rinpoche’s talented and capable assistant, worked with our hosts to arrange a worldwide stream of...

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Radically Happy: Introduction

Jun 7, 2018

My phone was buzzing. So, I picked it up and saw it was Phakchok Rinpoche leaving me WeChats. For most of the last year he and I, with a lot of input...

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Rhythm of Happiness General Talk (Part 2)

Feb 10, 2017

Rhythm can develop into a deeper practice with more complexity. In the second part of this talk, Phakchok Rinpoche explains how we may continue to...

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Rhythm of Happiness General Talk (Part 1)

Feb 7, 2017

Phakchok Rinpoche introduces us to the rhythm of happiness. He teaches several exercises to help us bring that rhythm with us into our daily...

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Remember to Rejoice

Sep 11, 2016

Dear friends near and far Hello, Happy Guru Rinpoche Day. I just want to remind you all that this year is specifically Guru Rinpoche’s year, and the day of the 10th of...

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The End of Competition

Jul 14, 2016

Dear friends near and far Happy Guru Rinpoche Day! It is very important to appreciate our life, and you need to rejoice in other people’s success. We need to feel fortunate with...

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Radically Happy: Everyone Can Do It!

Apr 22, 2016

Not everyone wants to become a Buddhist--but doesn’t everyone want to be able to flourish and enjoy what life has to offer?  Every human being wants happiness, right?  We all want to be able to cope, without totally losing it...

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Mar 11, 2014

In our lives, we need the spiritual path, meaning we need to practice. So please, be happy in whatever it is that you're doing; don't always look at others and get caught up in...

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Practicing Kindness

Mar 3, 2012

Today I want to relay to you all the importance of practicing kindness. Actually what is kindness? Kindness is the basis of happiness. Kindness is the basis of the life we live. Kindness is the basis of the...

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