In this article, Andrea Sherman shows how commitment to the paramita (perfection) of patience can be an antidote to anger and frustration when we care for those with dementia.
Holistic Living
Although some readers might believe Buddhism and business have little to do with one another, history shows us a different story. The Buddha himself taught merchants and rulers, and members of the merchant class aided in spreading the teachings throughout Asia. Buddhist teachers and rulers recognized that laypeople need to take or give loans and to exchange commercial goods. But in doing so, we can be expected to conform to standards of fairness, honesty, and compassion in our interactions.
In this article, Hilary Herdman continues her exploration of the Sixteen Principles of Societal Human Values.
Andrea Sherman shows how we can utilize the six paramitas to touch the human spirit through virtual technology.
Hilary Herdman continues her exploration of the Sixteen Principles of Societal Human Values by considering how we can repay the kindness of our parents.
Meditation · Nine Yanas · Radically Happy
Erric Solomon begins a four part explorations of the Four Immeasurables.
Guru Rinpoche Day Teachings
On this Guru Rinpoche day, I would like to tell you about the importance of being honest (gyü drangpo), reliable (gyü tenpo), and kind-hearted (sempa zangpo). Being honest, reliable, and kind-hearted is essential to Dharma practice, but it is also very important from a worldly perspective.
Holistic Living · Meditation
Anxiety arises for almost all sentient beings in certain situations.  And there are times when worry can be useful or productive. A little stress can make us sharper, or enhance our performance at times. Yet humans, and particularly modern humans, now often seem to experience constant or chronic low-level anxiety.
Holistic Living
The Buddhist tradition offers a number of antidotes to loneliness. Because the Buddha taught dependent origination– that everything arises dependently, connection matters.
Nine Yanas
In this short audio teaching, Phakchok Rinpoche answers a student question asking about the very essence of bodhicitta.
Nine Yanas · Vajrayana
Phakchok Rinpoche reminds us that all of the Buddha’s teachings revolve around developing kindness.
Radically Happy
Erric Solomon shows five ways that we can radically increase the joys of living.