Sep 14, 2013

Thinking today of myself, having been wandering around from country to country for the last two months, and inspired by a teaching by Patrul Rinpoche that I am reading I would like to share with you one of the most...

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Meditative Concentration

Mar 6, 2009

Now coming back to where we left off, this seven lifetime old man would once again like to take the opportunity to remind you all to not go astray from practicing the precious...

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The Qualities of Diligence

Dec 7, 2008

Coming back to Śāntideva's Way of the Bodhisattva, it is through diligence that one develops and intensifies bodhichitta. But what is diligence? Why is it so important for one’s practice? Diligence in simple ‘English dictionary’ terms means careful and persistent...

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Three Levels of Patience

Oct 9, 2008

Today my topic is the sixth chapter of The Way of the Bodhisattva, and I would like to talk about the three different levels of patience. The first level of patience is based on an understanding of karma, cause and...

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Vigilant Introspection

Sep 10, 2008

Today we'll be again be looking at the chapter on Vigilant Introspection from The Way of the Bodhisattva by Śāntideva. This chapter implores us to continually undertake careful examination of one's own mental and emotional...

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Taking Hold of Bodhicitta

Jul 12, 2008

Like in my previous messages, I would like to once again take you away for a moment from your samsaric activities and share with you some of Śāntideva’s words of...

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The Confession of Negative Actions

Jun 13, 2008

Like the previous month, I would like to draw your attention once again to the timeless verses of Śāntideva who is of great inspiration to me and hopefully to you in following the compassionate path of the...

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The Excellence of Bodhicitta

May 14, 2008

Today being Guru Rinpoche Day, I want to remind you all to practice...

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