Tibetan Ritual Music -

Jul 30, 2019

Tibetan ritual music makes a major impression on newcomers to Tibetan Buddhist pūjās. People are often surprised and impressed by the dramatic and sometimes deafening sounds of ritual music. Monastic group chanting is known...

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Sampa Lhundrup Tsokbum: Student Reflections on this Auspicious Occasion -

Jul 24, 2019

Sampa Lhundrup Tsokbum:  Student Reflections on this Auspicious Occasion Sitting in the tsokbum at the Asura cave in Kathmandu feels relaxed and almost normal or natural to be there–until I take a...

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Enhancing Your Clarity, Intelligence, and Wisdom -

Mar 7, 2017

Dear Friends Near and Far, Hello everybody. Happy Guru Rinpoche Day! In today’s message, I would like to explain more about the 12 Manifestations. Guru Rinpoche himself taught that you can magnetize...

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Shrine Offerings: Accumulation of Merit and Mindfulness -

Jan 4, 2016

Shrine Offerings: Mindfulness Practice Mindfulness is a popular buzz-word these days.  Yet we may be under the impression that mindfulness applies either to silent meditation on our cushions, or more “popular” versions...

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Five Unshakeable Fortresses -

Jan 14, 2011

Dear Friends, I hope you’ve all been happy and healthy. This being the first Guru Rinpoche day message of the year 2011, I would like to start off the year auspiciously and...

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