The Two Pramāṇas: An Overview

In the previous essay, we discussed the study of knowledge (“epistemology”) in general terms. The central question of epistemology is: how do we know things?


Unhappy at Work? Advice on Transformation

We can learn how to deal with job-dissatisfaction and work-related stress. In this video, Tulku-la reminds us that we often blame the boss or our co-workers for bad situations. Often we make judgments quickly and misinterpret situations. And if we are working virtually, opportunities for misreading the room are even greater!

But we don’t usually consider the possibility that we are creating our own job unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

Changing Perception

Changing Perception

Phakchok Rinpoche relects upon his visit to Earthfire Wildlife Sanctuary and how it changed his perception of wildlife.