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Becoming Genuine: First Steps for Authentic Buddhist Practice -

Dec 15, 2017

Becoming genuine should be a small milestone that we can use to measure our practice. We need to know how to become and be fully...

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Meditating Without Judgment -

Aug 14, 2017

Meditating without judgment means that we stop the inner, "How am I doing?" commentary. Don't we do this in most of our...

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Vision and Mission: Buddhahood Part 1 -

Aug 2, 2017

Vision and mission are terms we know well from our business and life planning. But often, when we begin to meditate, we don't have any sort of a vision....

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Self-Encouragement in Practice -

Jun 6, 2017

In this audio teaching given at Riwoche Temple in Toronto, Phakchok Rinpoche relates personal examples of how he encourages...

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Applying a Teacher’s Practice Advice -

May 16, 2017

Applying a teacher's practice advice may seem to be something we all wish to do. We ask questions and we may get some very profound answers. But sometimes, we don't really know how to actually follow the advice we're given....

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Learning How to Improve -

Dec 20, 2016

Learning how to improve is an important part of our Dharma practice. Phakchok Rinpoche reminds us of some simple reflections we can practice in this video excerpt from a teaching given in...

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Developing Pure Perception: How to Begin? -

Oct 11, 2016

Pure Perception: Fake It Until You Make It! In February 2016, Phakchok Rinpoche answered a student question about pure perception. If we have not yet developed true pure perception, is it okay...

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Remember to Rejoice -

Sep 11, 2016

Dear Friends Near and Far, Hello, Happy Guru Rinpoche Day. I just want to remind you all that this year is specifically Guru Rinpoche’s year, and the day of the 10th of...

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Have Patience with the Teachings! -

Aug 30, 2016

Have patience with the teachings and with yourself. Phakchok Rinpoche gives advice that the proper attitude for receiving teachings is with an open...

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Open, Truthful, and Sincere: Three Fundamental Qualities -

Aug 17, 2016

Three fundamental qualities -- in order to learn how to be open, truthful, and sincere in order to develop spiritually daily...

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