The Wholeness of Wealth -

Apr 6, 2017

Dear Friends Near and Far, Hello! Happy Guru Rinpoche Day again. Today, we are continuing our series on the Tukdrub Barché Künsel Twelve Manifestations. To start, I want to review what I...

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Enhancing Your Clarity, Intelligence, and Wisdom -

Mar 7, 2017

Dear Friends Near and Far, Hello everybody. Happy Guru Rinpoche Day! In today’s message, I would like to explain more about the 12 Manifestations. Guru Rinpoche himself taught that you can magnetize...

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The Two Magnetizing Qualities -

Feb 6, 2017

Dear Friends Near and Far,   Hello. Happy Guru Rinpoche Day! This whole year, I will be sharing a series of teachings based on the Twelve Manifestations of Guru Padmasambhava. The first...

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