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Since today is such a special and auspicious day, I thought to say little about “Lamey Naljor” or Guru Yoga, which is the practice of merging your mind with the wisdom mind of the guru.
Meditation · Nine Yanas · Vajrayana
Phakchok Rinpoche encourages us to meditate correctly every morning. Don’t meditate like a dead tree! That means that we are approaching the session alone.
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Building dignity through supplication may sound contradictory. In the Vajrayana path, however, supplication is continually emphasized. Why is this so?
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Guru Rinpoche Day Teachings
For this Guru Rinpoche day, I would like to share with you Khandro Yeshé Tsogyel’s supplication to the Great Guru, or Mahā Guru, Padmasambhava. Yeshé Tsogyel made this prayer of aspiration, her heart filled with devotion, as the Mahā Guru was about to leave Tibet for Cāmara, the land of rākśasa demons.
Guru Rinpoche Day Teachings
Phakchok Rinpoche shares a supplication from Princess Mandarava to Guru Rinpoche in order to inspire us in our devotional practice.
Phakchok Rinpoche shares stories of the miraculous birth of Guru Rinpoche, the Lotus-born Master of Uḍḍiyāna.
Holistic Living · Radically Happy · Vajrayana
Guru Padmasambhava as the guru we can all call out and supplicate in times of freaking out.
Meditation · Nine Yanas
Learning meditation requires both study and actual practice. Correct preparation before starting a meditation session allows us to experience authentic results
Eleven of our sangha members share their thoughts, experience and reflections on the practice of supplication.
Guru Rinpoche Day Teachings
Today’s video features Kalden Drendze, and is a continuation of the Twelve Manifestations of Guru Rinpoche series. Here, Phakchok Rinpoche shares a very concise method for gaining accomplishment in the practice through a simple visualization.
Meditation · Nine Yanas · Vajrayana
Remembering the kindness of others is an important practice for all of us. We should not forget those many individuals who have been kind to us.