Tulku Migmar

Discipline: Practicing the Pāramitās in Daily Life Part 3 -

Sep 15, 2019

Discipline tends to sound uncomfortable or like a penalty to most modern people.  But, here, in this short video teaching Tulku Migmar Tsering explains that when we correctly practice discipline, we maintain...

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Teachings on Khenpo Ngakchung’s Commentary on Words of My Perfect Teacher -

Jul 26, 2019

For a sweltering, but inspiring and deeply rewarding, couple of days over 4th of July weekend, a few lucky sangha members were able to receive teachings from Tulku Migmar  Tsering on Khenpo...

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Bell and Dorje: Understanding Ritual Objects -

Feb 4, 2019

In the Vajrayana context, practitioners utilize the bell and dorje as important symbolic ritual items. In this video, Tulku Migmar explains just some of the significance of this pair of implements.  We...

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Perception: Understanding Its Power -

Dec 13, 2016

  Perception: Understanding Its Power Perception has power and it can be surprisingly strong. Because perception and our habits work together to create a mistaken view of our world. In this audio...

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Defining Dharma -

Nov 22, 2016

Defining Dharma is an important place to begin. In this audio teaching recorded in Mexico in 2016, Tulku Migmar explains how we can understand where to begin. The teaching is also translated...

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Managing Sādhana Practice Skillfully -

Aug 2, 2016

Managing sādhana practice is a big issue for many students. We may have received a number of empowerments and practices. We then may become...

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Unhappy at Work? Advice on Transformation -

Apr 4, 2016

Many of us may feel unhappy and not appreciated at work. Here, Tulku Migmar gives us practical advice for daily life. Why should I put up with a nasty boss? Is quitting...

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Prostration: Why and How? -

Dec 15, 2015

Prostration: Not Just Custom In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, prostration, or bowing, is an important element of practice, as it is in other Buddhist traditions. Each country and type of Buddhism may...

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