Vajrayana Membership Program

A monthly membership program for beginner and advanced Vajrayana students

Samye Institute is delighted to announce a new Vajrayana monthly membership program. When you join Samye Institute’s Vajrayana Membership, you will receive unique monthly recorded teachings from Phakchok Rinpoche and Samye’s learned Druplas, Khenpos, and other qualified Vajrayana instructors.

These teachings address important Vajrayana topics such as pure perception, the three samadhis, four stakes that bind the life-force, and more.

Due to the Vajrayana samayas, these videos are not available to the general public.

Phakchok Rinpoche Explains the Vajrayana Pathway

In this video teaching, Phakchok Rinpoche explains how one should go about starting the Vajrayana Pathway. He identifies many of the common obstacles that arise when starting, and discusses the powerful methods the Vajrayana has to pacify them.

Features and Benefits

Prerequisites for Membership

In order to join the Vajrayana membership, you will need to have taken refuge and bodhisattva vows, as well as having received a vajrayana empowerment from an authentic master. 

You should also have the sincere intention to begin the four foundations practice of ngöndro, or be practicing or already completed ngöndro.

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Standard Membership

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Benefactor Membership

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Support Samye Institute’s ongoing costs and subsidize students who can’t afford the full fees.

Auspicious Membership

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Support Samye Institute’s ongoing costs and subsidize students who can’t afford the full fees.

Please note that the content you receive will be the same for all membership levels.

Financial Assistance

All proceeds go to support further development of the program and to cover the costs of running our platform. Samye Institute is a non-profit organization but we have considerable staffing and infrastructure costs to cover. 

While we suggest a fee to join the membership program, we want you to know that this program is available to you, to support your practice, no matter your financial circumstances. 

Assisted Membership

Options From $5 upwards

Made possible by our Benefactor and Auspicious Conditions members.

Full Scholarship

Zero cost

For monastics and other eligible sangha members.


Do you have further questions about this membership? Please look at our Frequently Asked Questions below, or reach out to our support team for more information.

The Vajrayana pathway takes the fruition as the ground and the path. Thus, the elements of sincere devotion and pure perception are crucial. Samye Institute’s Vajrayana Membership is for committed Vajrayana practitioners from any lineage who seek deep, practical advice in beginning and maintaining their Vajrayana practices. In particular, this program is most suitable for those practicing within the Chokling Tersar tradition within the Nyingma lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.

By becoming a Vajrayana Member, you will gain access to restricted teachings on the Samye Institute site. Every month, we will be releasing new teachings, recordings and resources to aid your Vajrayana practice. Current members receive exclusive access to over thirty-eight hours of content, focusing on practices like the Concise Daily Practice, The Trinlé Nyingpo and the Tukdrup Sampa Lhündrup.

The Vajrayana Membership has an associated monthly offering of $30USD per month. These offerings are used to produce and edit video, audio, and written teachings and to maintain and service the Samye website. Much of our work is performed by dedicated volunteers who offer their services, but there are costs associated with hosting and servicing a complex website. However, Samye Institute is committed to providing authentic Dharma education to all interested students, regardless of their financial circumstances. If you would like to apply for financial aid, please contact our support team at [email protected].

Since its launch in 2015, Samye Institute has relied upon the work of our dedicated worldwide volunteer team. We use offerings to maintain and improve the Samye Institute website and the digital presences of other organizations in Phakchok Rinpoche’s mandala. We provide both technical and practical support for students and provide opportunities for those in financial need to access authentic Dharma education. We produce online events and teachings to a worldwide audience, translated into over ten languages. In addition, we make offerings to Rinpoche and to our monastic instructors and request teachings on behalf of the entire Samye global sangha throughout the year. And finally, we develop and host on-line courses available in multiple languages that allow for self-paced authentic Dharma study and reflection. We welcome all offerings, regardless of the amount. Our wish is for every user to make an auspicious connection with Samye Institute.

By joining the Vajrayana Membership, you will gain access to avenues to ask questions about your practice to our druplas and authorized instructors. However, because of their busy schedules, we cannot guarantee an immediate response. This is a teaching in itself about the perfection of patience, and how we can use doubts or confusion about our practice as an opportunity to reflect on our own obscurations.

Phakchok Rinpoche does not intend to provide online empowerments at this time. However, in exclusive events for Vajrayana Members, reading transmissions for particular practices may be given.

At present, these materials are going to be in English only. We aspire to translate these materials into the other languages offered to our global sangha in the future. Please keep an eye on Samye Institute’s announcement page for further updates on our translation activities.

In order to join Samye Institute’s Vajrayana Membership, you need to already have a free Samye Institute account. You can register an account here. If you think you already have an account, please reach out to our support team so they can retrieve your account for you.