The Benefits of Tsok Offering Practice

Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche explained:

All practices on the path to buddhahood are methods for gathering the accumulations of merit and wisdom and for purifying our obscurations. These two processes of accumulation and purification go hand in hand; as we accumulate more merit and wisdom, our obscurations automatically diminish.

The Secret Mantra Vajrayana features countless skillful and powerful methods which, if they are practiced in the proper way, can make the process of accumulation and purification incredibly swift and direct. One such method is the practice of tsok, which is primarily a practice of offering. It is not just a practice of offering however; it is also a powerful method for purifying our samaya.

An immensely powerful way to perform tsok, the feast-gathering, is as a tsok bum, or 100,000 accumulations of the tsok-offering.

As Tselé Natsok Rangdrol states:

The supreme form of merit and wonder is to offer the profound feast-gathering on a vast scale. By making offerings within a group assembly to the deities, gurus, protectors, and vajra brothers and sisters, the two accumulations will be swiftly perfected and all the samayas are restored.
The benefits of performing the feast-gathering are thus immeasurable. Through it, you will perfect the activities of pacifying, enriching, magnetizing, and subjugating. You will restore all impairments and breakages of samaya. You will delight and satisfy the deities, gurus, oath-bound protectors, and vajra brothers and sisters. All unfavorable and unwanted circumstances will be dispelled. You will perfect the two accumulations of merit and wisdom. You will simultaneously accomplish supreme and ordinary siddhis. Through this, you will obtain benefits beyond description.